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Helping clients negotiate their biggest challenges

Linda Veazey is a passionate advocate who is driven to seek justice for her clients. In practice for several decades, Linda is a highly experienced family law attorney; she also has a thriving practice in criminal defense.

Keeping a client-centered focus has been fundamental to her success. As Linda explains, “The people who come to me are under a lot of emotional pressure. Reaching a practical solution that meets each individual’s needs is important. Each of my clients’ concerns are unique and important. I use my experience and knowledge to expertly address the many delicate issues that arise in family-related disputes.”

Linda Veazey has counseled clients on thousands of cases. She works hard to educate them throughout the process. By understanding the law and the probable range of outcomes in a given situation, clients can make informed decisions about how to proceed. She insists on giving the client straight answers. She is goal-oriented, focused and highly efficient.

Linda has raised her own children and suffered through divorce herself. She notes that as a parent, she gained a new level of insight into parenting and child custody issues. It helped her connect with many of the issues her clients are experiencing.

For Linda, the personal rewards from her work come from seeing positive outcomes for her clients. “It's especially gratifying when a judgment is made or a settlement is negotiated and I've helped a client get the best possible result given their situation—and helped them through a very difficult process."

Linda Veazey has the highest level of training available for a family law attorney: Board Certification by the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization. 

Membership & Affiliations

Louisiana State Bar Association

Vermilion Parish Bar Association

Paula K. Woodruff Family Section, Lafayette Parish Bar Association

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